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Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

When you have been injured – or are looking to help a loved one who has been injured – by nursing home abuse, you will likely want to work with lawyers who focus on injury law. At Hanna Vander Ploeg, LLC, in Chicago, protecting the rights of the injured is all we do.

Injured people come to see our attorneys from throughout Chicagoland and its surrounding communities in Illinois. They know that we have the in-depth knowledge of nursing home abuse and injury law that they need to protect their rights in a wide variety of circumstances, including those situations involving:

  • Accidents in a nursing home
  • Injured nursing home patients
  • Patients who have fallen in a nursing home

Stay Vigilant About The Warning Signs

Abuse and neglect are not always easy to spot. But here are some signs, symptoms and observations that should raise red flags:

  • The presence of numerous and persistent bedsores (also called pressure ulcers)
  • Your loved one seems to be suffering from malnutrition, and you have not been previously warned about a medical issue limiting appetite or food intake
  • Poor hygiene and general improper hygiene maintenance
  • Behavior or other indicators that would suggest deprivation of medication
  • Your loved one has died under suspicious or completely unacceptable circumstances (which might warrant a wrongful death lawsuit).

Even if you aren’t sure that you have a case, you have nothing to lose (but peace of mind to gain) by speaking to an attorney about your concerns.

You Can Help Stop Nursing Home Abuse

When you work with our office, we help you pursue recovery while also working to put an end to nursing home abuse. In doing so, we apply more than 35 years of combined legal experience that includes work both in and out of the courtroom. In fact, members of our team are in court every day.

That commitment to protecting your rights from the very beginning of your case means we work with you to maximize your options. Whether negotiating for settlement or protecting your rights through trial, we work closely with you so that you understand what is happening in the legal process and how the law applies to your case.

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